Artificial Quartz Stone

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Main Color: White
Surface Finish: Polished

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Shipping Port: China Shznezhen Port
Minimum Order: 500 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash

Packing Details: Wooden Crate & Bundle Packing
Delivery Ability: 10-15 days pre one 20' container

Fashiona Quartz Stone based Stone constitutes of 93 quartz, 7 pigment and unsaturated polyester resins. Granite contains only 50 quartz. Other minerals found in granite leave it soft, porous, and vulnerable to scratches and stains. The prescribed mixing makes our product non-porous, exceedingly durable, and more than double as strong as granite.
Classified & Purify

Raw materials are classified and purified to ensure the quality before mixing.

Mixing:Raw materials are fed into mixers and blended together. Different colors have different time-table.

Molding & Pressing:The mixture is poured into mold and formed into slab sizes, then pressed under a condition of vacuum and vibration process.

Heating:The unfinished slabs are moved to the kiln and heated to achieve the strength and solidity.

Polishing:Slabs are then gauged, calibrated and polished.

Quality Inspection:Slabs need to pass the quality inspection before packed and labeled.

SIZE: 1400X3000mm 1600x3200mm or customized size

THINKNESS: 12mm 15mm 20mm 30mm

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