Ceramic Emery Beads For Sandblasting Marble

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Product deion:
Dust-free emery is a kind of spherical emery abrasive made from bauxite, which is widely used in glass sandblasting, making frosted glass, ceramic tile and metal surface strengthening treatment. It is mainly used for dust-free glass bead sanding machine, glass sanding machine and sand blasting equipment to make smooth glass and ceramic tiles achieve atomization or frosting effect. Dust-free emery is smelted and shaped at high temperature, and must be melted into a spherical shape during manufacturing, and then eliminated to eliminate internal stress and prevent damage. It is made by adding special ore and firing at high temperature, without edges and corners, and has a spherical shape.


The characteristics of the dust-free emery produced by our factory: high hardness, easy to flow, no dust, strong abrasion resistance, durable and durable, and minimal friction between each other. This spherical structure product will not have particles embedded in the workpiece during use. , Contaminate the workpiece or produce other damages, thereby achieving environmental protection goals. Using different size abrasives and different operating parameters, shot peening will achieve different gloss levels on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the effect!

Product Specifications:
Technical Index:
Chemical composition Al2O3 60-70
SiO2 6-10
TiO2 1.5-2
MnO 3-5
K2O 1-2
CaO 1-2
Fe2O3 2-5

Physical Features Shape Ball, spherical
Color Yellow
Moh's hardness 6-7
Roundness 90
Broken rate 6

Advantage 1 High hardness
2 Good flowability
3 Dust free
4 Wear-resistant
5 Minimal mutual friction
6 Even particle size distribution

Product performance:
It is mainly used to polish and clean the glass wool layer, and it can also polish (pearl) the finished large equipment for surface treatment, remove the surface oxide layer and surface layer of the product, and sinter traces. These properties can be used to achieve one An environmentally friendly effect.
Product shape: The product shows a yellow, brown spherical category, and the high pressure with an alumina content of 85 is between 52Mpa-65Mpa.
Application: Glass sanding, glass sanding, ceramic tile sanding and other large equipment polishing and cleaning, workpiece surface treatment, heating plate sandblasting, etc.

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