Elegant Stone and Cabinets

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Company: Elegant Stone and Cabinets
Original: United States United States

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Contact Person:
Telephone: 925-954-8845
Email: info@elegantstone.net
Verified Web: http://www.elegantstoneofwalnutcreek.com/
Elegant Stone and Cabinets Profile

We import our stone in 20 ton blocks directly from the quarries in Brazil, Finland, Norway, Spain, India & China. This process allows us to control the quality of the product straight from the source. Elegant Stone & Cabinets is also a direct importer of a pre-manufactured kitchen and vanity cabinets. With a large stocked inventory, we can provide superior turn around time and complete the project of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen often times much sooner than expected.

Elegant Stone and Cabinets is United States stone buyer and importer. Elegant Stone and Cabinets buy stone products from different countries.

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