Granite G602 and G603 Inquiry

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Post From: Armenia Armenia
Post Date: 2020/2/14
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Required Products: China Granites

Dear Sirs,

Good day!

Herewith we would like to represent our company to your kind attention.

Our company *** Co. LTD is a leading importer of building materials in Armenia. In order to receive more information about the activities of our company, please visit our web site.

We are currently importing large quantities of goods from Europe, China, USA and would be glad to establish long term cooperation with you in case of favorable conditions.

Please note that we are highly interested in granite (especially in G602, G603) & marble slabs (especially in Pietra Grey) with cut edges and polished surface. Please send us your offers for our study for the below mentioned parameters together with their photos if you have them:

1. 220x70x2cm
2. 120x60x2cm
3. 165x65x1.8cm / 2.0cm

Please also inform us the delivery terms / loading place, your company's conditions and payment condiions.

So, we sincerely hope that we could establish mutual partnership with your esteemed company and start a fruitful cooperation now.

Thank you in advance!
Looking forward to your kind reply and competitive offers!

Best regards

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