Koway Stone reinforcement epoxy

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Stone reinforcement epoxy
  These products are mainly used for strengthening block structure and improving yield in the process of stone cutting and mining. It also helps to lower the processing cost and improve production efficiency. These epoxy are available in high humidity and low temperature(not lower 5℃)

Stone reinforcement epoxy list
Product Mixing ratio
weight) Gel.
Tim Viscosity Feature Applicable Scope
KW6816 Block perfusion 4:1 40-60min Very low
Low viscosity(close to water viscosity),super penetrability,good performance in the moisture condition (with 10 water),high strength
Block vacuum perfusion
KW6866 Block perfusion 4:1 120mins Very low
colorless and transparent, high strength, very low viscosity,high permeability
Used in repairing of internal defect in stone blocks
KW6766 Block sealing 1:1 10-15min High
Good thixotropy, no sagging, pressure resistance
Used for sealing the cracks of external block
KW6765 Nozzle epoxy epoxy(KW6566 before) 1:1 8-10min High
Fast curing time, good thixotropy, no sagging, pressure resistance
Used for fixing and sticking nozzle
KW6768 Block wrapping 2:1 30-40min High
High strength, available at low temperature and moisture conditions
Used for wrapping and reinforcing block
KW6769 Block wrapping epoxy 1:1 30-40min High
High strength, easy to brush, good yellowing resistance
Used for wrapping and reinforcing block'.

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