Marmara White Marble

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WHITE MARBLE Marmara White marble or Marmara Panda marble with the name known in the market. it is the strip-free selection of Marmara Equator marble. The irregularly spread strips on the white ground form the main character of it. Marmara White marble, which is a good alternative for those who want to use white marble in their projects, can be preferred both in indoor and outdoor applications. The sulfur compounds found in marble of the Marmara Region have been known for years. For this reason, Marmara marbles have been preferred in many Ottoman hamams due to the resistance they showed against Bacteria. Due to the fact that it is one of the important marble variety known in the world. Marmara White marble is obtained by vertical cutting of Marmara marble blocks. It is one of the best alternatives for customers looking for white marble and it has been applied in many projects both in Turkey and abroad. Our marble variety, which is usually offered for sale by polished surface treatment, is also produced by raw, honed, sanded and antique surface treatments which are different surface treatments according to customer demand. Because of being one of the oldest quarried marble variety of Turkey.

Marmara White Marble is Marble Blocks from Turkey, welcome to buy Marmara White Marble with good quality and price from Turkey suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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