Ruggeri Marble and Granite

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Company: Ruggeri Marble and Granite, Inc.
Original: USA USA

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Telephone: (310) 513-2155
Fax: (310) 513-2158
Email: Sales@RuggeriMarble.Com
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Ruggeri Marble and Granite Profile

Ruggeri Marble and Granite brings true European stone craftsmanship to Southern California. We design and manufacture an extensive line of tiles, countertops, columns, fireplaces and other decorative stonework, and perform custom work to the most demanding specifications.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained artisans, familiar with modern techniques and respectful of the time honored stoneworking traditions we represent. We import only the finest materials for use in our countertops, tiles, sinks, bath tubs, interior and exterior flooring, and decorative pieces.

Ruggeri Marble and Granite is USA stone buyer and importer. Ruggeri Marble and Granite buy stone products from different countries.

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