Stone Brokers of America Inc

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Company: Stone Brokers of America Inc.
Original: United States United States

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Telephone: (305) 593-8082
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“The most innovative technology and quality products in Stone Work”

Established in 1989, Stone Brokers of America is a reliable manufacturer of natural and man-made stone surfaces with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Stone Brokers of America are certified fabricators of stone surfaces with expertise in craftsmanship and skillful installation.

“A higher level of sophistication in Stone Work”

?Explore the possibilities taking your project to a whole new level. Our lightweight stone panels, counter tops, integrated sinks and slab installation with flush transition, will enhance any space with a luxurious look and feel.

Stone panels are one of the most versatile materials today, making them indispensable in every interior or exterior design project. From natural to manmade, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional, these panels are the perfect addition when redesigning your kitchen, planning a new bathroom, for paneling elevators or to update any new space in your home, office or building.

“Get the extra mile”

Whether you already have an exact idea of what you want or if you need the guidance of an expert, Stone Brokers of America will make sure that you get what you need and maximize your budget while enjoying every step of the way.

Stone Brokers of America Inc is United States stone buyer and importer. Stone Brokers of America Inc buy stone products from different countries.

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