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Black Granite

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Main Color: Black
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Polished

Reference Price: US$ 19 / M2
Update Time: 2022/4/5
Shipping Port: BND
Minimum Order: 300 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card

Packing Details: Based on customer request
Delivery Ability: FOB EXW DAP CIF

Black Granite
The Iran Black Granite has a black theme, it is extracted from various quarries, each containing a unique sort of stone with the commonality of black background theme. Some quarries have stones that are darker in colour combined with white stripes, and some have stones with monotonous graphite grey tones.

The main features of the Iranian Black Granite stone are:

Low water absorption
High abrasion resistance

Epoxy material is often used in the process of black granite production in order to make the black colour darker and more uniform. Iran Black Granite is extremely popular all around the world and that's why it is highly in demand for export.
The Iran Black Granite can be used in interior and exterior designs. This stone is resistant to weathering, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for pavements and building interior and exterior designs. The Iranian Black Granite goes through polishing, flaming and cubic finishing.

Some of other applications:

Building interior paving
Building exterior paving
Sidewalk and premises paving
Building facade
Parking walls and floors

Iran Black Granite Price

Factors involved in the price of the Iran Black Granite:
-Quarry type, the stone colour and the quality
-The stone's purity and uniformity and the level of its darkness
-The stone's thickness
-The stone's size
-The quality of polishing and cutting process

Black Granite is Granite Slabs from Iran, welcome to buy Black Granite with good quality and price from Iran suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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