Nehbandan Granite

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Main Color: White
Pattern Style: Dotted
Surface Finish: Polished

Reference Price: US$ 10 / M2
Update Time: 2022/4/30
Shipping Port: BND
Minimum Order: 300 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card

Packing Details: Based on customer request
Delivery Ability: FOB EXW DAP CIF

Nehbandan Granite has a light background with a grey, cream and orange tone, it is also known as White Granit. Nehbandan Granite is more coarse-grained than the other similar stones. And the lower grades of this stone have black and grey spots. Polishability, high compressive strength, abrasion resistance and low water absorption are the inherent features of this stone. Nehbandan Granite shows good resistance to atmospheric agents, such as acid rain, cold and heat, alkalis, impact and pressure.

Bright colour, uniformity, high strength and capability of mass production are the most prominent features of this stone.

Application of Nehbandan Granite:

Nehbandan Granite is suitable for paving office and commercial buildings, parking paving, interior and exterior of the building. Nehbandan Granite is flamed and its cubic stones are very suitable for paving the premises. Nehbandan Granite is also used to prepare stone herbs.

Paving the interior of the building
Paving the exterior of the building
Paving the premises and sidewalks
Paving industrial, health and foodsheds
Exterior and main facade
Parking walls and floors
Stair treads and stepping stones
Stone kerbs

Nehbandan Granite Price:
The price of Nehbandan Granite depends on several factors:

The type of quarry in terms of quality and colour, affects the price of the stone.
Pure, bright stone with no tuber has a higher price.
The thickness of the stone directly affects the price.
The larger the stone, the higher the price.
The quality of stone processing( polishing and cutting) will affect the price.

Nehbandan Granite is Granite Tiles from Iran, welcome to buy Nehbandan Granite with good quality and price from Iran suppliers and manufacturers directly.

Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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