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ChinShine - the China professional diamond core drill bit manufacturer & designer for core drills machine from 0.1” to 48” diameter. We have been cooperating with domestic and oversea concrete companies closely, and supplying them with the proposal and suggestions. Meanwhile, we have acquired much experience during researching and communicating with the customers. We can make various quality diamond core drill bits according the information which customers provide, like machine power, cutting materials, diameter of steel bar, pebber in concrete, etc. By sustained design, adjustment and test, we make the core bits more suitable for customers' need.

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Rinforced Concrete Coring
Diamond core bit segments
Diamond Core Drill Bit Manufacturer Reinforced Concrete Coring Diamond Core bit Segment

Our diamond core drill bits are welded by the professional Silver brazed and Laser welded, drilling cured concrete, reinforce concrete, Pre-stressed concrete, brick,block, masonry and other similar materials with fast speed, durability and smooth operation. Various bonds and segment designs available upon customer requirments.

The segment shape: Roof segments, turbo segments, Arix segment, dimple and aero diamond core bit segments.

Standard Segment Height, 8,10, 12 mm. Other sizes on request.

Dry Diamond Core Drill BitHilti Dry Diamond Core Bit for Concrete
Hilti Dry Diamond Core Bit for Concrete
Dry diamond core drill bit with air-cooled holes has the ability to complete the project faster cutting while avoiding spawling of concrete. Dry core bits operate best when ChinShine laser welding dry core drill bits with Arix segments.
Best Arix concrete diamond core bitArix diamond core drill bit for concrete
Arix diamond core drill bit for concrete
Silver welding and laser welding Arix diamond core bits are available, laser welding is quite suitable for dry concrete cutting. ChinShine Arix diamond core drill bit 30 faster than regular diamond core bit, same quality level with Korea.
Core bit magnet brazing holderBrazing magnetic holder for core barrel
Brazing magnetic holder for core barrel
ChinShine offer the premium quality magnet holder for welding segment on core barrels, the magnetic holder is 2 times longer life than regular holder, samples are available, the best price!
Replaceable diamond core barrel3 Parts of concrete core drill bit
3 Parts of concrete core

diamond core drill bits for concrete and stone is Drilling Core Bits from China, welcome to buy diamond core drill bits for concrete and stone with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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