hexagonal tile mosaic grey thala

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Location: Tunisia 524 Views   Views

Material Type: Limestone 29 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Grey
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Honed

Reference Price: US$ 30 / M2
Update Time: 2022/12/16
Shipping Port: tunis
Minimum Order: 100 M2
Payment Terms: L/C

Packing Details: packaging boxes for sheets and wooden packaging (certified treated wood)
Delivery Ability: depending on destination

hexagonal tile mosaic limestone (30.5*27.5*1cm) using tunisian limestone

hexagonal tile mosaic grey thala is Stone Mosaic from Tunisia, welcome to buy hexagonal tile mosaic grey thala with good quality and price from Tunisia suppliers and manufacturers directly.

Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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