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Israel Israel stone importer need Stone Tiles ... 2018/11/17 50 V-Coins

good night
I have a client who asked me about TILES, catalog prices. all types
80 x 80 cm
60 x 120cm
all what you got
need to have full info, spec, about the tiles,attrition gringing level spec

Taiwan Taiwan stone importer need Pebble Stones ... 2018/11/8 50 V-Coins

Dear Sir,

We are looking for natural pebbles for our products.
The stone size : 3-5mm, 7-9mm and 9-14mm.
The color is brown, light yellow, white and black.

Would you contact to us.

Best regards

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Egypt Egypt stone importer need Brazil Granites ... 2018/11/7 100 V-Coins

i need 12,000 sqm 2cm slabs but i have approved sample.
please contact me to be able to cooperate

Bianco Romano granite

Elegant White Granite

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Jordan Jordan stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/11/7 100 V-Coins

dear sir ,
we want the prices for this granite
g617 , g386 , g361 , g 681hn , g664 , chile rosa , giallo , spray , rosa bono , terbo gold
the size is 240*60*3cm
and 90*180*3cm

Best Regards

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

Chinese Granite

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Israel Israel stone importer need Basalt Pavers ... 2018/10/27 100 V-Coins

Can you get me 700 sqm Black Basalt from Vietnam?100/100/2?sand blasted and brushed 700 sqm .?

Slabs as large as possible 5 cm e 3 cm?

Thick same finish 120 sqm?

Urgent answer with photos

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France France stone importer need Brazil Quartzites ... 2018/10/26 100 V-Coins

I need your best price for abt 2800 m2 Nacarado compact slabs , size 306x123x 2cm.

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Poland Poland stone importer need Vietnam Granites ... 2018/10/22 100 V-Coins

dear sir, mam, we are interested in red granites from vietnam for tombstone, as we import tombs , what prices and colours can you suggest??? regars

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka stone importer need Chinese Limestones ... 2018/10/22 100 V-Coins

Hello Im interested in this grey limestone tile to use in bathroom walls and floors. My company a uk group is setting up one of our luxury wellness retreat projects in the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I would like to get a small sample first. If Im happy with the quality, feel and the colour of the material I will purchase.
Kindly contact

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Ethiopia Ethiopia stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/10/22 50 V-Coins

I want the price of 60cm x 60cm granite tiger skin tiles. The thickness must be 2cm

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Morocco Morocco stone importer need Spain Marbles ... 2018/10/16 100 V-Coins

Hello my name is mustapha... im calling from morocco... we are company... we are looking for supplier s marble in Spain.. our target 200.000 M2 we are serious.. email mobile includ wathsapp.. best regards the director

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India India stone importer need Indian Granites ... 2018/10/16 100 V-Coins

Are you owning Madura gold or shiva gold quarry? Need big quantity

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Dominican Republic Dominican Republic stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/10/15 100 V-Coins

I am interested in quoting a container of these granite

260m Hubei G603 Granite
200m G664 Coffee

We have imported granites from China with other companies and I am looking for a new supplier.

Waiting for your answer


USA USA stone importer need Quartz Stone Countertops ... 2018/10/13 100 V-Coins

WE are looking for a altuniate source for Engineered Quartz Tops for the Hotels we build. We have been getting our counter tops from China but because of the situation there and in US we want other sources. Please email us

USA USA stone importer need Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops ... 2018/10/12 100 V-Coins

I have been importing from China for 20 years for the apartment and hotel industry. I need an alternate source for granite and quartz countertops and cabinets. Please provide list of colors available and cost per square foot in 2 and 3 cm.

Morocco Morocco stone importer need Spain Crema Marfil Marble Tiles ... 2018/10/11 100 V-Coins


I am Fouding partner and co-mananger of ***, which is a real estate and construction company with a capital of 17,810,765.77
Eur. We are established in Rabat, Morocco.

I am contacting you because of our need for the CREAMA MARFIL which your company produces with the best quality and I would like you to give me information about the following:

1. The price of Crema Marfil and wjite marble raw and polished for sizes 30/60, 25/50, and 30/30;
2. Transport procedures and cost.

Please know that I currently need 5000 square meter and would soon be in need of more quantity.

I would be grateful to receive your offer as soon as possible and privided this is interesting I would come to see you in there.


Qatar Qatar stone importer need River Pebble Stones ... 2018/10/11 100 V-Coins

Dear Sir,

Please provide us your best offer for the materials mentioned below. And kindly send technical data sheets.

River washed pebbles; 50-150 dia; gray or white QTY IS 1970 CUBE METER (m3)

Greece Greece stone importer need Chinese Black Granites ... 2018/10/10 100 V-Coins

I want to import to Greece mongolian black small slabs 2cm 3cm (about 70cm the small side) the best quality that exists
without crystals admixtures very fine grain without any kind of treatment like black painting or epoxy resign.
I want the mongolian black to be pure black the finest quality that exist hand selected mirror quality polishing finish.
Please can you reply me prices for 1 container quantity ?
1 container at 2cm is 400 sq meters and at 3cm is 270 sq meters i think.
Thank you a lot.

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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates stone importer need Vietnam Marbles ... 2018/10/10 100 V-Coins

Hi looking for marble chips 14 to 25 mm
3000 ton

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Nigeria Nigeria stone importer need Turkish Marble Tiles ... 2018/10/9 100 V-Coins

I would like a quote for 3000 sq m of your Atlantic grey marble tiles

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Bulgaria Bulgaria stone importer need Natural Pebble Stones ... 2018/10/9 50 V-Coins

We request 2 tone of pebbles to be delivered.And the cost

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