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Georgia Georgia stone importer need Grey Granite Pavers ... 2018/5/21 100 V-Coins

Hello Sir/Madam

We are in requirement of Paving Stone Size 10*10 Cm 8 CM thickness.

Please contact me

Thanks & Regards

India India stone importer need White Marbles ... 2018/5/16 100 V-Coins

Today I am in Shuitou, China. I will travel to Yunfu as well.
I am looking for Statuario marble slabs. If you have good price and in stock, please call me instead of email.
Welcome Yunfu suppliers.

Required Product Photo

Syria Syria stone importer need Granite Tiles, Ceramic Tiles ... 2018/5/15 100 V-Coins

Good day everyone ..
Im Reham from AL-YAHIA COMPANY in Syria.
Kindly , we are asking to have a catalogue for ceramic tiles & industrial granite ..
you can send them on our e-mail or by whats up and Telegram ...
Waiting to receive your comments ...

Thanks in advance ..

India India stone importer need Purple Granite Slabs ... 2018/5/15 50 V-Coins

I required this, as attached, one container.
If you have good price, contact me privately please.

Required Product Photo

UK UK stone importer need Sandstone Tiles ... 2018/5/14 100 V-Coins

We are interested in good price of sandstone for patio.
Can you advise?

Portugal Portugal stone importer need Nano Stones, Artificial Stones ... 2018/5/14 100 V-Coins

I am looking for one full container Nano 3 - 18mm slabs. It's white artificial, some percentage of glass. I know in China only 2 factories for Nano. It's difficult for me to get one container diretctly.
Any one can supply, pls contact me in private.

Turkey Turkey stone importer need Granite Slabs ... 2018/5/14 100 V-Coins


Required Product Photo

Italy Italy stone importer need Artificial Stone, Artificial Quartz ... 2018/5/11 100 V-Coins

Hi, do you have the chance to get me fake resin veselje marble blocks?
Agglomeration type veselje
Of this type
As photos
1 container to start
Give me an offer places here in Italy

Artificial Stone

Required Product Photo

Russia Russia stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/5/8 100 V-Coins

Please give me information about polish black granite for graves 10 cm thickness.

India India stone importer need Culture Stones ... 2018/5/7 100 V-Coins

I am looking for marble panels as this photo only - same colours as in this photo.
around 1000 sqm

Required Product Photo

UK UK stone importer need India Granites, China Granites ... 2018/5/5 50 V-Coins

My company provide bespoke hard landscaping.
We use high quality reclaim and imported stone.
If you have good price for Indian granites or China granites, contact me on whatsapp please.

UK UK stone importer need Marble Mosaic Tiles ... 2018/5/4 100 V-Coins

I am in UK and we do trading slabs & tiles in London.
Can you please let me know if anyone have this mosaic 305 x 305 x10mm hexagon tile need 750 Sam.
Italy origin first.
WhatsAPP me please.

Required Product Photo

India India stone importer need Nano White Marbles, Artificial Marbles ... 2018/5/3 50 V-Coins

Need artificial marble slabs from china 1 container. Nano white best.
18 mm thickness.
Any one can supply please contact my whatsapp.

Kuwait Kuwait stone importer need Limestone Slabs ... 2018/5/2 100 V-Coins

need jura beige 1000 slabs polished cfr kuwait.
thank you

Required Product Photo

Serbia Serbia stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/5/2 100 V-Coins

We have project in serbia for balmoral red granite
This is the examples of what they want...
Is there a chance to offer us balmoral red granite and fabrication or similar variant of granite...?
I will send you whole infotmation-project by mail
We need fabrication also

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South Korea South Korea stone importer need Italy Marbles ... 2018/4/28 100 V-Coins

I would like to purchase of bianco Venezia inform the price of m2
The quantity is about 7000m2
Shud u import or u already hav it

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Qatar Qatar stone importer need Marble Slabs ... 2018/4/27 100 V-Coins

please i want around 800 sq sand beach marble slab 2cm

Lebanon Lebanon stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/4/25 100 V-Coins

I am interested in importing China black granites and China grey granites.
Good price source better.
Can you send your granite photo with price inside by email to me?

South Africa South Africa stone importer need Granite and Quartz, Granite Tombstones ... 2018/4/25 100 V-Coins


Please send us information and quotation with regards to your stone.

We sell granite and quartz, we also do kitchen counter tops, renovations/revamps, staircase and tombstones.

Thank you

Egypt Egypt stone importer need Tunisia Marbles ... 2018/4/24 100 V-Coins

Dear All

Please would you send us quotation of FOB price of 3780 square meter of Thala stone beige 30cm * 30cm * 3cm semi polished.


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