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Bangladesh Bangladesh stone importer need Boulder Stones ... 2020/7/23 30 V-Coins

We, Global Corporation, hereby state represent that it is our intention to purchase, and we hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the following commodity as per the specification and the quantity and the price as specified in the terms and conditions as stated below.
Items: Size 10/12 mm Size Black Stone -PSI 7000 & Items: Bolder Size 80mm -500mm Size Black Stone -PSI 7000

Terms and Conditions:-
1. QUANTITY: 50,000 Mts of each Delivery
2. Origin : UAE
3. Inspection: SGS or similar
4. Payment : 100 Total value, Letter of Credit at Sight
5. Price terms : CFR Chittagong Port, Bangladesh of FOB any Sea port of UAE
6. Asking Price : FOB USD 5 /MT for Bolder and 6 MT/ ? Size
7. Time schedules
(1) LC issuing date : Within 21 days from the Confirm the Contact
(2) ETD : The shipment must be within 21days from the date of LC
(3) ETA to Chittagong: within 21days from the date of shipment
(4) Buyer Bank: United Commercial Bank Ltd. or any regular bank in Bangladesh

Bahrain Bahrain stone importer need Chinese Slate Tiles ... 2020/7/21 30 V-Coins

We need gray slate tile for roof around 15000 pcs of 40X40X10CM (Length X Width X Thickness) please send me the CNF bahrain port price.

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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates stone importer need Spain Marbles ... 2020/7/14 50 V-Coins

Dear Sir
Kindly give us a good price for 60cmx60cmx2cm Spain Creama Marfil - 1600M2 -The first sorting is free of defects and cracks - Sort a color match for the quantity - Polshing and Crystalic
Time for delivery
include VAT
Thanking you in anticipation of your valued co-operation

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Malaysia Malaysia stone importer need India Pebble Stones ... 2020/7/7 50 V-Coins

Dear sirs,

I am interest to buy huge volume say 1 ~ 3 million metric toones of natural pebblestones Goose Egg shape with sizes mixed 10mm ~ 60mm. Stones hardness not less than 5.0.

Delivery by 30,000 ~ 40,000 bulk carrier vessel to Taiwan.

If available and interested to undertake to supply, kindly send me the products technical specifications and details, source of stones and etc.

I can be contacted via Email or Whatsapp

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South Korea South Korea stone importer need Oman Marbles ... 2020/7/2 50 V-Coins

Dear whom may it concerned

This is Don Hahn from Korea.

We are also looking for white honed or polished slabs 2cm.

Do you have it in stock? if you dont have, how long does it take to produce?

Please let me know with the price

Many thanks in advance

Best Regards

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Turkey Turkey stone importer need Boulder Stones ... 2020/7/2 20 V-Coins

10 to 100 kilo 10 million tons
100 to 300 kilo 10million tons
And 300 to 1000 kg 10 million tons.
Give me the best cfr Chittagong rate.

Target price $17 cfr Chittagong port.
Contact on WhatsApp

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Qatar Qatar stone importer need Grey Marble Slabs ... 2020/6/22 30 V-Coins

I want to buy Invisible gray slabs 2 cm the total quantity around 2500 sq 2 cm slabs
please offer the best price with more product details.

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Malaysia Malaysia stone importer need Pebble Stones ... 2020/6/13 30 V-Coins

Dear Sir,
Our clients from Taiwan, would like to purchase the Pebble stones, or called Cobblestone and required as follow:
Commodity Name: Pebble stones, or called Cobblestone
Application for stone cage netting, or gabion box protection.
1.) Sizes from: 10cm to 60cm
2.) Hardness required: 5.0 up
3.) Quantity Order: 800,000 M.T to 10 Millions Metric Tion
Price Quote by F.O.B. any Port in Philippines
F.O.B. Target Price: USD 8.00 per MT
Noted: loading by DWT, 50,000 bulk carrier vessel each shippment. Philippines suppliers are welcome, and kindly to provide export documents as follows:
1. Laboratory quality test inspection Certificate of Analysis
2. Certificate of Country Origin
3. Certificate of Country Export License Permit, and each.
Yours promptly reply would be greatly appreciated.

Have a Blessed Day

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Bangladesh Bangladesh stone importer need Boulder Stones ... 2020/6/12 20 V-Coins

Hello, i want to buy LC Black Stone, Please send Black stone lc quotation

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Myanmar Myanmar stone importer need Black Pebblestones ... 2020/6/11 20 V-Coins

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are from *** Myanmar.
we have an ongoing project and we are looking for Natural Black Colour Loose Pebbles. Required Sizes are 50 mm - 75 mm. Quantity around 2 tons.

please contact us for more information.

Yours Sincerely

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France France stone importer need Stone Chips ... 2020/6/4 50 V-Coins

Dear Sir,
You will be surprised as Im french but my demand concerns CHINA. I have mandate from China state company located in CHENGDU to source a reliable supplier of CRUSHED STONES for building contruction, road ballast, highway and bridges contruction.
Delivery to Fanchenggang China port by complete vassel of 25 to 50 000 Mtons or any south China port including Guangzhou).
Port is located not far from Nanning (in the south and close to Vietnam border).
Crushed stones size required is from:
1,1/4 inch to 4 inches.
Qty needed: up to 100 000 Mtons per month. More if available.
Please contact me if you have capacity to delivery required quantities. Client is a huge state company having important needs if offer competitive.
Pleazse revert and feel free if any question.
Best rgds

Malaysia Malaysia stone importer need Chinese Pebble Stones ... 2020/6/3 50 V-Coins

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a precast construction company in Malaysia and looking for the Sharp Edged pebble stones for our future projects as follows:

80 tons of 5 mm sharp edged Dark Yellow pebble stones
80 tons of 5 mm sharp edged Light Gray pebble stones
80 tons of 5 mm sharp edged Pink pebble stones
100 kg of 5 mm sharp edged Snow White pebble stones
100 kg of 10–20 mm sharp edged Snow White pebble stones
100 kg of 5 mm sharp edged Dark Black pebble stones
100 kg of 10–20 mm sharp edged Dark Black pebble stones
100 kg of 5 mm sharp edged Green pebble stones
100 kg of 10–20 mm sharp edged Green pebble stones
100 kg of 5 mm sharp edged Blue pebble stones
100 kg of 10–20 mm sharp edged Blue pebble stones
100 kg of 5 mm sharp edged Red pebble stones
100 kg of 10–20 mm sharp edged Red pebble stones

The photos of our desired colors (dark yellow, light gray, pink, and snow white) and our desired shape (snow white) are attached to this email as your reference.

It is appreciated if you could send me photos and information of your product including availability, best price, and delivery of your product to Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Kuwait Kuwait stone importer need Chinese Basalts ... 2020/6/1 50 V-Coins

60000 m2 our requirement I have excel file for more details

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India India stone importer need Brazil Quartzites ... 2020/5/23 30 V-Coins

Please send me the prices for 2 cm thick slab & Dimension of the slab.
Quantity 2000 m2

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Iraq Iraq stone importer need Turkey Limestones ... 2020/5/13 50 V-Coins

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Im building a house with limestones elevations (classic design with limestone columns, Corniches, and Arches):

Please send me your quotation for the following:

1- Size: (65 x 131.2 x 2)cm, Quantity between 1500 - 2000 m2
The number of the Columns: 12 (Diameters 45 cm, Height 3.30 cm)
Decorative Corniche and Arches
I will send you later on the details working drawing design for all the above.

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United States United States stone importer need Brazil Granites ... 2020/5/13 30 V-Coins

Hello I was looking to check prices on 1 container of Bianco Romano, or something similar. Doesn’t need to be premium. Just contractor grade. Slabs to be at least 125 x 75. Thank you

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Senegal Senegal stone importer need China Basalts ... 2020/5/7 30 V-Coins



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Poland Poland stone importer need Ukraine Granites ... 2020/5/7 30 V-Coins

Hello, i am interested in prices selon the thin for 1m2 (thin I am interested in is 1,2,3,4,5 mm)
Give me please an example for 200m2 order.


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Ethiopia Ethiopia stone importer need China Granites ... 2020/5/6 30 V-Coins

Hi Dear
I am an importer from Ethiopia and I want to import g603. My sizes are 220*63*1.8,240*63*1.8cm,125/150*34/3cm and 125/150*14*1.8cm. Please send me your quotation as fast as you can.

Best Regards

Turkey Turkey stone importer need Brazil Quartzite Slabs and Blocks ... 2020/5/6 30 V-Coins

hi we have a large company stone in turkey, we going to buy natural quartzite in two models, slabs and blocks.

Please send me your catalogue and a price list.

Many thanks

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